Soest Ingenieursbureau en Handelsondernemening B.V.




Currently Soest has the following machines as occasions in stock. These machines are used for demonstration purpose only ! min 20 hrs work.

If you want more information about any of these machines, do not hessitate to contact us.


 Soest vacuum manipulator


Manipulator for performing rolling lane panels on a lifting table.

Through a vacuum gripper, a panel of the roller conveyor is removed and stacked on a lifting table.

 see photos on the right side of this page




Soest oiling machine DRM-2-400

occ DRM.jpg 

Rollercoater machine from the showroom. Built to apply oil on the top side of wooden panels. The oil is filled manually into the machine. The machine is equipped with a smooth rubber top and bottem roller. The top roller is made out of special smooth rubber en contains its own dosing reservoir which presses against the roller.


Soest Automatic spraying machine AS-300

occ AS.jpg

Automatic spraying machine to paint profiled work pieces. Complete with three low-pressure spraying pistols and a dubble membrane pump in stainless steel edition.

Viganò Mario Protective film application machine FD 130

occ vigano.jpg

Machine from showroom designed for the application of protective foil on flat surfaces. The machine can be used manually or fully automatic in a production line.



Soest brush/sanding machine model FFS

occ FFS.jpg

Machine from showroom. Model FFS equipped with two brushes type flapsander and a dust brush. Designed for light sanding.


Nordson BM20


From our showroom built in 2002, completely overhauled pump. Suitable for 20 liter drums PUR hot melt adhesive. Can be used with both wrapping and gluing machines.

Turanlar Postforming machine T-PF 280

occ Turanlar.jpg

Machine from showroom. These model uses pre glued panels. The machine is equipped with infrared lamps which heat the panels, a fast changing cassette with pressure rollers that make the postforming happen (3 sets of profiles per cassette).

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