Soest currently has the following occasions available.

Automatic spraying machines for wooden floor boards or profiled workpieces.

Spraying machine AS-300


Various occasion spray equipment available.


Trivec glue roller 600mm wide, 8 groves per inch.



Glue roller with under brush, foil reel and pressure roller.

Width glue roller 1300 mm. The machine has an under cleaning brush to clean the underside of the plates, so that they can be stacked “clean” on top of each other. A foil roll has been placed above the machine which makes it possible to glue a foil directly onto the glued plate. The foil is pressed by an upper and lower pressure roller.



Soest oil roller coater DRM-2-400

Only used for demonstrations in test centre, is as good as new! Suitable for application of oil on the top of wooden floorboards. The oil is manually fed into the machine. The machine is constructed as standard from a smooth rubber top and bottom roller. The upper roller is equipped with special soft rubber and has its own dosing container that presses against the roller.




Top and bottom infrared heating on roller conveyor 1400 mm wide.

Roller conveyor with infrared heating placed on top and bottom to heat workpieces. The infrared heating power can be adjusted.




Viganò Mario Protective film application machine FD 130

Only used for demonstrations in Test Centre, is as good as new!

Developed for the application of a protective film on flat panels. This machine can be set up both manually and fully automatically.