Spraying is the method to apply lye, stain, oil or (UV) lacquer on both flat and profiled workpieces. For example, floor boards, skirting boards, gladding, furniture etc.

Depending on the desired coating, the right spraying system can be chosen such as air, airless or aircoat guns.

Soest has all the techniques, ranging from simple to automated machine setups. We would like to invite you to the Soest test center to jointly come up with the best solution for your product.

Spraying machine model AS



The spray booth is placed between two conveyor belts. The automatic spray guns are pneumatically controlled by photocells and time relays to avoid unnecessary over-spray.

The over-spray is collected in a suitable collection container and can be reused if required. The machine is equipped with a filter unit through which the extracted air can be discharged outside.

The machine can be expanded with polishing brushes to polish the coating evenly in the wood grain immediately after spraying.

The AS models are available in different widths, from 300 to 1300 mm.


Spray-curtain coating combination model SGC

This machine is a combination of two techniques, namely spraying and curtain coating together.

The machine has a spray booth with on both sides an automatic spray gun to provide both sides of the workpiece with a coating. The flat part of the workpiece is then provided with a coating by curtain. 

Curtain coating does not have any loss of coating and therefore does not require filters and extraction. This saves a huge saving of coating and cleaning, making this combination technique ideal for, for example, panels where the flat surface together with the sides have to be coated.


3D Spraying

For spraying products with a complex design such as tables, chairs, window frames, Soest represents a wide range of 3-dimensional spray robots from the Italian manufacturer CMA Robotics.








Many different setups of robots are possible. We would like to advise you to come to the solution that suits you best.