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Glue PUR/press line for floorboards

Glue line for gluing floorboards using polyurethane reactive (PUR) hot melt adhesive. Floorboards consisting of a solid top layer (usually oak) on a wooden core (usually plywood).

The core, provided with glue, is automatically stopped at an index station placed after the glue roller. This index station (roller transport) has stoppers to align the core both in length and width. The operator takes a top layer of the stack above the index station and places it on the bottom layer. Operation of a foot pedal transports the whole to a roller press. This consists of several heavy pressure rollers with pneumatic cylinders that press the whole firmly. The enormous adhesive strength of the glue ensures that the floorboards do not have to be pressed further into a stack.

Hotmelt roller coaters

Hotmelt adhesives come in various types such as PSA, EVA / Polyolefin (thermoplastic adhesives) and PUR (reactive polyurethane). A diversity in adhesives for different applications.


The roller coater machines can be equipped with rubber or steel rollers in combination with a manual or fully automated handling.
Gluing machines can be supplied for, for example, the bonding of HPL laminates, sandwich bonding between foam plate and aluminum, wood or steel cover plates. Short opening times of the glue and the direct glue force result in the possibility to quickly finish the panels without having to press them into, for example, a stacking press.
Also, the absence of solvents or water in the adhesive prevents the bending of panels.


Cold glue roller coaters

Versions with steel and rubber application rollers depending on the materials to be bonded and the glue type PVAc, 1 or 2 components PU or UF.
The dosage of the adhesive quantity can be done by means of dosing rollers or simple bins. Supply of the glue varies from manual, to pumps up to and including mixing of glue.


Available in width sizes from 250 to 3.200 mm.