Soest has all the techniques, ranging from simple to automated machine setups. We would like to invite you to the Soest Test Centre to jointly come up with the best solution for your product.


Flat Presses

Soest can deliver surface presses to any desired size and pressure. Depending on the desired capacity, presses are available, varying from single station to multiple station presses. A choice can also be made between flat presses with or without an integrated conveyor belt.


Single station press for wooden floorboards.                                 4 station press for wooden floorboards.





 Single and multiple station press for sheet materials.


Roller presses

Roller presses are mainly used in combination with PUR hot melt rollers or laminating foil on sheet materials. Depending on the type of adhesive, the material to be bonded and the throughput speed, a choice can be made for single or multiple roller presses with steel or rubber rollers.