Product Handling

Soest has all the techniques, ranging from simple to automated machine setups. We would like to invite you to the Soest Test Centre to jointly come up with the best solution for your product.


Transporting and displacing wooden floorboards, sheet materials or profiles, each has its own solutions. The same applies to infeed, turning, outfeed and stacking.

In this product group you will find some solutions that can be applied to each of the other product groups. You should think of:


Infeed system


Conveyor belt with magazine to automatically enter flat parts.


Roller conveyors

Stable roller conveyors applicable in every setup.

Belt conveyor

Heavy machine frame on which brushes or other items can be built.

Transfer systems


For transporting workpieces back.

Drying racks


Drying racks to put the treated workpieces in for transport, storage and drying.
Different versions available.

Infeed- turning  and outfeed systems