Test Centre

How can you most efficiently finish a wooden floor with stain, lye, oil, lacquer or paint?

How can you best age/distress, brush, sand, dry or pack a wooden floor or other product?

Frequently asked questions to which Soest gives you answers in the Test Centre.

     It is all about wood finishing

The short distance (20 minutes) from Amsterdam airport also helps to ensure that many customers, coming from all continents, visit our test center annually.

Some examples what Soest has to offer in the Test Centre:


Application of lye or (reaction) stain by means of:

Roller, polishing and drying in pass through;


Apply 1 or 2 layer system oil or lacquer by means of:

reverse roller, polisher, U.V. dryer, denibbing, transfer system, single roller, polisher and U.V. Dryer;


Aging, brushing and sanding;


Cross-cutter/ Edgescraper;

Curtain coating / spraying stain, lye, oil or lacquer;



Gluing and pressing;