About Us

It is not surprising that Herman van Soest, together with his sons Richard and David, born in the Zaanstreek, started in 1983 with the development of machines, intended for the finishing of wooden products by means of lye, stain, oil or (UV) lacquer.

Woodworking is the "people from the Zaanstreek" deep in the blood.

More than 300 years ago, long before the invention of the steam engine and electricity, the Zaanstreek had about 2,000 windmills, which made it the first industrial area in Europe.

Many of these mills were used to saw wooden planks out of tree trunks.

                 It  is  all  about  wood  finishing

To give the customer the best possible answer to the question: how can I best and most efficiently treat my product and provide a finish, our company has the most extensive Test Centre.

From simple to the most automated machine configurations are present in the test center.

Do you have a question regarding aging, brushing, sanding, coating, drying coating or packaging of the end product? We will be happy to welcome you.

The short distance (20 minutes) from Amsterdam airport also ensures that many customers, coming from all parts of the world, visit our test center every year.