After the coating such as lye, stain, oil or (UV) lacquer has been applied to the workpiece, it must still be dried before being able to be packaged.Depending on the coating, different techniques are available, ranging from air drying tunnels, infrared radiators (IR), Ultra violet lamps (UV), LED modules to drying racks.

Soest has all the techniques, ranging from simple to automated machine setups. We would like to invite you to the Soest Test Centre to jointly come up with the best solution for your product.


Air and / or Infrared (IR)

Water based coatings such as some stains and lacquer will dry by using air and heat. Drying tunnels can be used for this purpose, which accelerate the drying process by means of air circulation.

Depending on the coating and the layer thickness, a choice is made in temperature, speed and air blowing direction.

There are also combinations of air and infrared techniques that are used to further accelerate the drying process.


Ultra violet (UV)

There are many oils and lacquers that are specially made to dry with UV light because of the enormous high speed. The UV light ensures that special photo initiators in the coating are activated and the curing takes place within a few seconds.

Depending on the production speed, layer thickness and/or whether it is a transparent or pigmented coating, there is the choice to use one or more UV lamps.

The machine is equipped with a heat and UV-resistant INOX gauze belt and the lamps are adjustable in height and power 50 and 100%.



Light-emitting diode (LED)

Drying tunnel for drying transparent and / or pigmented LED UV oil or lacquer. Unique is the industrial choice of the LED module.Chosen is a professional version that is suitable for ALL brands of LED UV oil or lacquer. The Soest LED UV drying tunnel has an industrial LED module Pro+. This LED module is cooled by means of a chiller, which ensures that the UV radiation remains stable and the module has a longer life time.

The LED module has a control of 0 - 100% to set the desired capacity according to the amount of oil / lacquer and the feed speed.The conveyor belt is a stainless steel mesh belt, which is insensitive to aging due to UV radiation. A sensor on the in feed side of the machine detects each workpiece and switches the LED module on and off each time a workpiece is going through. As a result, an extra saving on energy is achieved.



Drying racks


Drying racks to put the treated workpieces in for transport, storage and drying. Different versions available.